“I Used To Get Feels On A Bitch…”

I was going to start by reciting obscure passages from the personal pages of arguably the best that ever did it. In all my naivety I assumed that those less informed might appreciate my perceived knowledge on the topic? As corny as that sounds, my second idea was to compose a ‘Complex’ like list of features by the fat man, where by those along for the ride were shit upon. No offense Cease, Klepto, and Tracey Lee.

If at any point during 1993 you removed ‘The Chronic’ from your tape deck, you’d know that just months after that monumental release Heavy D. dropped the slightly less relevant ‘Blue Funk.’ Slotted somewhere between the GURU, and what I considered to be an epic showing from Busta Rhymes, on the 3rd Eye produced ‘A Bunch Of Niggas’, was my first Biggie Smalls experience. In the back of a friends Jetta, wearing  ‘Aerpostale’ and a ‘Champion’ hoody (Enter the 36 chambers doubled as a personal fashion guide), I remember thinking to myself, “who is that?”

“That” would become monumentally important to the Hip-Hop landscape, but more importantly the soundtrack to a very personal sexual conquest, that would take place in the back seat of the aforementioned Volkswagen. As if the poorly pitched ‘Pioneers’, a Super Cat remix, and the finest malt liquor that money could buy were unable to facilitate a comfort zone suitable to cheerleading suburbanites? Where pre Easy Mo produced ‘Big’ joints lacked in ambient quality, “The What’ more than made up for.

Thanks B.I.G.!

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Ma Dukes!

The award for best cameo in a video goes to?

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“To avoid a narrow path…”

Making yet another well received appearance (at least by me) over the weekend was the American made 1300CL. Released in limited quantities, to a handful of accounts as usual, this classic runner is arguably my favorite New Balance sneaker of all time. Picked mine up at Undefeated-La Brea, with all the attention surrounding the “Playoff 12’s” I was able to get my size no problem. Thanks Mike.  

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“Kind of A Big Deal…”

Despite recent reports that the project was all but dead, ‘Papa Burgundy’ announced live on Conan tonight that there will in fact be a sequel to Anchorman. He did however leave out the details surrounding the very pivotal role of the ‘Eager Cameraman’, played marvelously by Seth Rogan, and whether or not that character will make an appearance? Stay tuned.

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Duckie Invented Swag…Proof!

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Jamaal Tinsley brings the ‘Rucker’ to Salt Lake…

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Crew Love


No one appreciates a pair of Vans ‘Authentic’s’ in its original Navy color-way more than me. Throw in some heavy duty nylon laces and you get perfection. It’s the sort of subtle re-touching that J. Crew consistently churns out with their collaborative efforts. Well Done.

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